Barun Sobti – Shivani Tomar’s Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 continues to be in dipping phase in terms of ratings in Week 5 also

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3
Barun Sobti – Shivani Tomar’s Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 continues to be in dipping phase in terms of ratings in Week 5 also

The Makers of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 is trying really hard to make a mark in TRP Chart.

As you know, most of the fans are not interested in the show as the makers haven’t cast their favorite actress Sanaya Irani opposite Barun Sobti.

Recently, the Show’s main plot is little altered to attract viewers. Looks Like the new story line also failed to change audience perception.

As you know, the show gets a slow start with 1.4 ratings. But, the second week saw a major fall in the ratings as show got only 1.0 points. Then in 3rd Week it’s 1.1, 4th Week the show sees little dip in its ratings as show got 1.0 TRP.

In Week 5 also Barun Sobti – Shivani Tomar’s show failed to attract viewers as show got only 0.9 TRP.

Star Plus’s previous 8 PM show Pardesh mein Hai Mera Dil ended at 1.4 ratings. The shows rating was between 1.8 – 1.4 in its last month run. The current 8 PM show Iss Pyaar Ko is struggling to reach 1.4.

The on going track is little confusing and channel is ready to bring famous celebs to make upcoming wedding episode more interesting with Band BajaBadhaiyan concept, lets see what will be the future of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3.

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  1. If you like ugly drawf shivani tomar then definitely you’ve terrible state.?this show is lack of everything. Sanaya is charming beauty, if they really need to compete with first season maker should bring more beautiful and talented actress as sanaya and new concept not old funds mills d boons. Fans are not giving this much privilege to tolerate any shit to kings of industry like salman and shahrukh, then barun is nowhere stand in front of them and chiiivsni so called gorgeous actress never be in race at place. She hasn’t any charm to lure viewers attentions.

    • I second you. Completely agree. Ugly Shivani can’t act. She is the reason of the failure of this show. Ipk means sarun, the sobti fans who are accepting and loving it, are all unethical morons. Five years back They couldn’t accept ipk without barun, but they don’t have any problem now to watch it without Sanaya.

  2. First season we heard a word too many times and that word was “AUKAAT” . this season has showed the AUKAAT of everyone without Sanaya . inevitable is visible , the sooner this show shuts down better for Gul and Barun . i dont care for Gul but whatever little sympathy i have to Barun i wish him luck with his next project , if he ever gets any otherwise his carrer is doomed .

  3. i think people are blind..sanaya fans alone cant do anything..its called ipk fandom..becz in many serials it happens..becz a grp will not like one of lead actrs..that obvious…ipk3 is a big doubt..its entire story, actors,dresses, is a dont blame it on fans…and moreover its their personal choice…who they want to see by wastg half n hour in front of tv..its a great thing becz most of the people hardly get time with their why waste time for this flop show

  4. Nina, you give too much credit to Sarun fans. The storyline is confusing. The lack of chemistry is evident. There is something missing is Shivanis acting. Barun is great and he should have a co star that’s not improving but someone that equals his talent. And I am not from your country and not taking part in the controversy.

  5. i am more surprised that who all are seeing this serial…becz one thing is we can see somany colourful dresses and variety of jwels..but all are mismatched…besides nothing in ipk3.may be some are not watchg the show but switchg on tv just to get some trp.sanaya is a fabulous actress so becomg jobless is not at all happeng and i am not a sanaya fan.i am a SARUN fan.i love to watch ipk1 in hotstar.

  6. Yeyyyy. I am very happy.after thousands request of fans also gul ignored fan and now just paying for it but I am little bit sad for barun due rto guls big fat ego he is also paying.but its OK he is charming and I wish he get other project

  7. Barun sobti is repaying his oen karma. He deserves every bit of it. I am so happy for ipkknd 3 failure because we all arshi fans have truly loved the show ipkknd. Buy barun never gave a hid to his fans and broke our hearts. See the tragedy now when people were dying to see him in ipkknd pleading him to stay on the show he didn’t listen and now he is requesting fans to watch ipkknd 3. Where is that pride barun?? U left ipkknd with so much pride as if you will never returne to tv anymore but now see your karma has got you because your so called bollywood career never actually started and you were forced to return to the same ipkknd because you were relying on our love for it. But u got us wrong. We all hate you . You are a man with a pretty face but with a black heart. You are a very selfish man hiding behind your humble mask. I am very happy to see you as a failure because not only actresses but even tv actors have a shelf life in tv industry. What you amd gul khan did with Sanaya was nothing but real picture of male domination. You both we proud that you will be successful but see now you are failing. Where are your fans so called sobtians who couldn’t give u a helping hand in your bollywood career neither they are saving you from ipkknd 3 failure. Just some crazy teenage female fan following is not enough to make anybody’s career. You have become very much arrogant now. Ipkknd made you a star but now ipkknd 3 will take you 2 steps back in your career. You have hurt all arshi fans with your stupid selfish and self centered behavior. No one is begging you to stay in the tv industry … actually gul khan should sign a condition from you that you won’t run away this time from the show hiding behind your wife’s pallu.

    Its a lesson to you and gul khan to not to mess up with ipkknd fandom because no matter how much you guys do to save the show ipkknd 3 is a failure not only in trp but also because it failed to create the magic that once arshi created. Nobody is mad for your new show…whereas arshi anf sarun are still ruling our hearts after five years…

    I wish you a complete failure with your next movie so you will understand that leaving ipkknd 1 was the biggest mistake of your life

    • Ohhh thank you Aditi; you have really expressed my same feelings towards Barun as well its all about that selfish looser and his Ego !

      • Yaar Aab Santa ke entry ka kyoi fyada nahi kyaki ipk3 mai chandi aur advay ke marriage ho jaiye gai fan club mai pic aahya tha

        • Gul entry nahi kare gai sanaya ke ego problem jab chandi advay marriage ho rahi hai sanya ke entry ka kyoi fyada nahi agar aab entry ho ja thi tho aacha tha par gul aapni jid par hai ipk3 is boring chandi no acting no diaglouge pata nahi gul ko kya ho gaya jo barun kai opposite shivani ko cast kiya no match barun & shivani chemistry shivani is very boring

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