Shocked or Expected : Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 gets a Bad start in India in-terms of ratings

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3
Shocked or Expected : Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 gets a Bad start in India in-terms of rating

One of controversial show of 2017 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon’s first week’s report card is Out.

It is rare to see so much negativity for any show before its launch. We are sure you all are aware about the controversy surrounding Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3. Barun Sobti fans were happy to see him as Advay Singh Raizada, But SaRun fans are upset to see Barun romancing Shivani Tomar instead of Sanaya Irani.

With So much wars on-line. Makers, channel and some fans were sure that show will do great and everyone is waiting to know ratings, In TV it’s all about numbers.

As per our latest reports, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon show is doing fairly well in UK ratings. In Week 1, the show started with good number of Viewers, but it has seen huge deep in viewership at the end of the week in UK.

In India the show gets a bad start, As per Week 27 TRP Chart (Data provided by BARC), Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is failed to be in top 20 show. The data was between date July 1st to 7th. IPKKND3 aired its first episode on July 3rd.

As per Popular Television Critic, salil sand – IPKKND3 got 1.4 points in Week 27.

If we compare IPKKND3 with the Star Plus’s previous 8 PM slot Show Pardes Main Hai Mera Dil, then their is no change in ratings. As last week (Week 26), Pardes mein hai had same 1.4 points.

It’s only first week data, so we can not predict the future of the show.

In Next Week’s TRP chart, Will Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 able make it’s position in top 20 shows  ?? leave your comments below 

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  1. Honestly I can’t understand why you should not listing to your viewers fan’s, This is what we want give it to us,you pocket your money we tobe happy but no you decide to turn us down it’s ok go and watch your iss copy paste kya naam Doon

  2. This is expected, that show gonna flop, and barun sobti gul overconfidence made this show flop and not to forget ugly dwarf shivani tomar as lead play major role to this show gonna flop

  3. Why you guy,are blaming sarun fans for low trp hv u saw any one of episode do you think it will trp so sry it nt because of fan its because of Ph, n dere creativity

    • Correctly said…. I too felt after episode1 that I wasted my precious 30 mins watching such a crap story.

  4. We don’t want this fake show ipkknd3 without Sanaya. Ipkknd means arshi Sarun. It brand name of Sarun. #IssPyaarKoKyaNaamDoon for ArnavKhushi. This fake show everything copying from original. Then why they take another duplicate. We ask them font use title and Rabbave song and dialogues and Barun. So ask them why not also sanaya. Ipkknd means Barun sanaya are two eyes. How they use Barun only. We waiting for five years both returns and complete the story. Not only for Barun. If they want Barun only they don’t touch ipkknd. That cheap publicity producer #GulKhan adamant insulting sanaya and fighting with fans. What is the quality she have. All copy pasting. Unfit for a producer. Challenge and ego with fans. She make fake IDs and insulting fans. Saying we do ipkknd without sarun. What a cheap producer.. Using kids for promoting this fake show. We don’t want ipkknd3 without Sanaya.. Starplus promoting in different ways. Original is original. Not goes xerox. If starplus remove Gul Khan and bring sanaya in this show its all problems will solve. #NoSaRunNoIPKKND #NoSanayaNoIPKKND #NoSarunNoRabbaVe #StopIpkknd3WithoutSanaya #BoycottGul #BoycottIpkknd3 #Dontwatchipkknd3

  5. #NoSanayaNoIpkknd
    Bring Sanaya back
    We want sarun
    Ipkknd3 is flop 👎👎👎👎👎
    Shivani Tomar 👎👎👎👎👎

  6. No Sarun, No IPKKND! We want Sanaya and Barun together, because they are unique! We love Sarun so much!

  7. I am so glad that #SanayaIrani is not part of this great debacle! Starplus has always treated Sanaya shabbily. They have always taken and never given. They forgot she is the one that carried the original show on her shoulders when Barun was out playing Bollywood.
    I don’t exactly know what Gul’s problem is about Sanaya. Why she hates her so much? Everyone in the industry has great things to say about Sanaya. So Gul must have some personal vendetta against Sanaya? That does not seem to say much about her professionally. But then, one only has to look at social media to realize that Gul is not very professional or mature or even a nice human being!
    I don’t know what Barun was thinking (or was he??) doing a replica of a beloved and world wide phenomenon. Who gave him this ill-advice to do a copy and paste show. A show that has also seen some fan fiction writers claim that the content is plagiarized from their works. Barun Sobti waited 5 years to do this??
    The less said about the female lead, the better.
    I am really so glad that Sanaya is not part of this show. And I hope she never is!
    Having said that, I hope there is someone out there in India, who has the balls to produce a show that would be worth the phenomenal acting of Sanaya.

  8. yes i am a ipkknd1 fan and love the chem of sarun. however, i still tried to be objective about the show. the whole ups of ipkknd1 was the simplicity and genuineness of the characters and story.the expressions and dialogue delivery was so natural to the characters which the actors held on to till the end.
    that is the basic ingredient missing here
    even in serious scenarios characters maintained a sense of humor which is so true in real life.
    in the 3rd version only barun and randeep r able to deliver that spontainity
    however how long they can do it without support from other actors…
    the story the plot is sluggish. over the top sets and costumes have killed the show. barun and sanaya both deserve better treatment
    gul khan’s loss may very well become a boon for some other more enterprising producer.gul’s become arrongant and it is coming across not just in this show but ishqbaaz too. better shape up or move out!

  9. to continue..
    on one hand gul says its a new story new treatment.. but keeps using the scenes from season 1. even people who were not comparing r now forced to compare. i frankly have nothing nice to say bout shivani other than the heartfelt advice to explore other carreer options

  10. Earlier, I wanted Sanaya to be part of this show. Since the show is kind of similar to the previous season, I don’t want Sanaya to be a part of the show and be responsible for the low trp. I hope she gets much better show with phenomenal cast and crew and that show touches the zenith.

  11. That is true why watch a duplicate show without sarun. When makers can do such cheap things then why we should watch.let only makers n barun watch their show. Not interested in this duplicate onr

  12. Copy cat gul learn ssomthing from trp of show FANS DON’T WANT TO WATCH THIS SHOW WITHOUT SANAYA
    Correct your mistake before it to late

  13. What are you doing gul? First you said that ipkknd is whole new story and now you are giving example of Superman story? Show some creativity.we know that ipkknd 1 was also your show but it was hit beacouse of sarun so don’t copy paste the story for your new show,because your glass doll shivani don’t know even ABC of acting so please it is our humble request don’t copy paste ipkknd season 1

  14. Barun Sobti need acting lesson and hate this Ipkknd 3 it’s so rubbish. IPkknd 1 was awesome and love mainly Khushi, Barun ASR character wasn’t hard to do because he mainly anger that’s all. Khushi character was hardest but Sanaya irani is awesome actress anyway. Would love Ipkknd 1 return back and continue from where it had the abrupt ending. Must have Sanaya irani as Khushi no one else would do.

  15. This is not expected from gul man we waited 5years to see this show again on screen but everything gone in water.please bring sanaya back it’s out humble request. You ‘re making the shows to entertain all of us then why don’t you consider our advise.
    If this continues for sure ipkknd3 will be flop.
    No sanaya no ipkknd3
    Try to understand
    Replace shivani with sayana

  16. This is not expected from gul man we waited 5years to see this show again on screen but everything gone in water.please bring sanaya back it’s out humble request. You ‘re making the shows to entertain all of us then why don’t you consider our advise.
    If this continues for sure ipkknd3 will be flop.
    No sanaya no ipkknd3
    Try to understand
    Replace shivani with sayana pls gul

  17. We want Sanaya, who has tremendous screen presence. Beautiful, her expressions n her acting are both mind-blowing. Just a month n Ipknnd3 is a flop. It is difficult to watch and can’t understand what is going on. So much repetition. Can’t understand what Barun says.😤

  18. Well to be honest I waited badly to see this show again
    And then I saw that some Shivani whom I never ever heard off is a part of the show and not sanaya
    I hated it before watching it
    Then I tried to watch it for 5 minutes I swear to god this show is a disaster
    The producer she won’t turn the show down , because she feels if the first show was such a hit because of both sanaya and barun , so this show is going to be an amazinggggggggg one too
    I hate it … it looks like the olden age episodes
    The make up is a lot
    It’s a fake , fantasy stories are beautiful and stunning but this one is as ugly as we can see of course
    I didn’t wanted to blame anyone but ew I swear I hate it
    Expectations ? Yes … zero expectations from the show
    If I even see that it’s next I turn off my tv coz I hate it
    Just like everyone else does
    Even. This I feel isn’t much but I won’t waste another minute typing about a crap copy pasted serial 🤚🏻

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